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Founded in 1833, Mercer University is one of America’s oldest and most distinctive universities. Mercer offers more than 130 academic programs ranging from undergraduate liberal arts to doctoral-level degrees




• 60+ undergraduate majors
• Bachelor’s degrees offered
• 2,700+ students
• 13:1 student-to-faculty ratio
• Average class size of 21
• Campus in Macon, Georgia 

• 70+ graduate and professional

• Master’s, post-master’s certificate,

   doctoral, and professional

   degrees offered
• 4,000+ students
• Campuses in Macon, Atlanta,

   and Savannah, Georgia



Mercer Bears are inquisitive, passionate, and dynamic. They are adventurous, fierce, and driven to succeed. Mercer Bears excel academically and strive to make a positive impact on everyone around them. They think globally, and after graduation, can be found making a positive difference all over the world.

                   “I chose Mercer because I

                      believe it is one of the top

                   schools in the United States

                   and because it has great

                 variety as an institution, from

               ethnicity to student life to

fields of study. The day I visited,

I fell in love with the atmosphere and knew I

wanted to be a ‘Mercer Bear.’ Mercer feels like

my home away from home.”  
- Valerie Shaba, Harare, Zimbabwe, Biology/



• Innovative academic programs
• Unparalleled faculty mentorship

   (no teaching assistants)
• Cutting-edge undergraduate

• Outstanding campus facilities
• Winning NCAA Division I athletics
• Bustling student life scene with

   140 organizations
• Worldwide network of 71,000+


See for yourself! 


A Dynamic Classroom

Mercer offers distinctive academic and experiential opportunities for leadership and service-learning that move the classroom out into the world to make an immediate impact.

Professional Advantage


provides qualified undergraduate students with a

competitive edge over other applicants for these


• Bachelor of Science in Nursing
• Doctor of Pharmacy
• Doctor of Physical Therapy
• Juris Doctor 
• Master of Accountancy
• Master of Business

• Master of Medical Sciences/

   Physician Assistant
Each program has specific


• Liberal Arts
• Business & Economics
• Engineering
• Education
• Music
• Law
• Theology
• Medicine
• Pharmacy
• Nursing
• Health Professions
• Leadership and Professional

  Studies (Evening, Weekend,

  & Online)

                I really like the size of the classes, the

              quality of equipment, the availability

           of resources and study environments,

       and the connections between faculty

   and students, which go further than the

- Gabriel Quintero, Puerto Cabello, Venezuela, 

Biomedical Engineering and French



Earn multiple degrees in less time:
Intership Experience

• 5-year bachelor of business

   administration + master of accountancy
• 5-year bachelor of business

   administration + master of business

• 5-year bachelor of science in

   engineering + master of science in

• 6-year bachelor of science/bachelor of

   arts + law degree

Mercer’s dual-degree graduate programs help student diversify their skill set by earning two complementary degrees—such as a law degree along with a master of business administration—that prepare graduates more comprehensively for their chosen profession.

Mercer students have recently interned with top industry names like the American Red Cross, Google, Inc., PricewaterhouseCoopers, and The Coca-Cola Company.


Students in all fields of study have many opportunities to conduct cutting-edge research at the undergraduate, graduate, and professional level. Our students are currently collaborating side-by-side with respected faculty members on real issues in science, technology, economics, and more:

• Seeking better treatments for cancer,

  Alzheimer’s, and diabetes
• Exploring pathways to provide electricity

  for schools in rural Africa
• Developing affordable prosthetics for

  amputees in Vietnam

Earn multiple degrees and Intership Experience and Research


Mercer Bears are Passionate Leaders.

The Mercer brand of leadership is built on our core values of service, integrity, and advocacy. For decades, Mercer graduates have gone on to hold positions of leadership—locally and globally—where they can advocate for positive change. Notable Mercer alumni include 12 governors, four United States senators, a U.S. attorney general, and numerous professionals and innovators. Mercer Bears collaborate frequently to raise awareness—and standards—and evoke global change. 

Recent student-faculty initiatives include:

• College Hill Alliance, driving economic progress in

   Macon, Georgia
• Caring for Creation, encouraging action on climate

   change issues
• Local Engagement Against Poverty (LEAP),

   addressing the needs of the community


the University’s most distinctive program, empowers students to use the expertise gained from the classroom and lab research to travel abroad and help others around the world. Mercer students and faculty have traveled to nearly 30 countries around the globe, providing medical care, relief assistance, and education.

                   “I really enjoy being able to walk everywhere.

                    I don’t have a car here since I am an

                  international student, so it helps that I can

               get around easily. I also like living on campus

        in a community of people that are all invested in

      -Anssi Kaisalmi, Turku, Finland, Communication


There’s never an “average” day in Bear Territory:

• When it comes to campus life, our Bears love to get involved,

   balancing academics with membership in 140 student

• When you have a Bear’s busy schedule, it’s very convenient to

   live on campus. Mercer’s residence halls and apartments offer our

   Bears a variety of habitats and amenities.
• Mercer is a proud, longtime member

   of NCAA Division I athletics, and most

   of the Bears’ 18 men’s and women’s

   sports compete in the historic Southern
• Students enjoy cheering the Bears’

   athletic teams on to victory. Attend

   any game on campus, and you’ll see

   plenty of school spirit. You will see

   students wearing Mercer’s official colors:

   orange and black. And you will feel the

   excitement of Bear Territory.

Bear Territory

The mission of the English Language Institute of Mercer University is to empower international students to develop the English language proficiency necessary for personal, academic, and professional success.  In addition, the faculty and staff of the ELI strive to provide a tolerant and supportive community in which students are encouraged to develop cross-cultural friendships, engage in service, and explore concepts of global citizenship and international cooperation.


         “ The first

         time I saw the

       campus I noticed

   how beautiful it

is. The good thing in mercer is it small university , so I have the opportunity to know my professors and ask them for help. ”

- Khalid Alosaimi, 
  Makkah, Saudi Arabia,
 Computer engineering



• Founded in 1986
• Led by highly qualified faculty with advanced degrees

  in language training
• Seven levels of instruction
• New sessions begin every eight weeks
• Average class size of 16
• TOEFL and IELTS scores waived for University

  admission with ELI Certificate of Completion
• Access to Mercer student amenities and services, such

  as cafeteria, gym, on-campus housing, library, and

  student activities
• Located on Mercer’s Atlanta campus, a serene, secure

  campus environment just minutes from downtown

• Offers customizable instruction for special groups



Mercer Bears don’t just learn. They master. They don’t just accomplish. They thrive.

They don’t just compete. They dominate. Mercer Bears command respect and walk with confidence. They are distinguished leaders. Movers and shakers. Real-life difference makers. 


A Mercer degree is an important investment that impacts the rest of your life. Mercer helps students build a strong foundation for success by awarding four-year merit scholarships to eligible students, based on academic credentials.


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The best way to see if Mercer feels right for you is to visit in person. Walk around campus, and talk to our students and professors. Schedule your personal visit to Mercer at


We are looking for students who have a proven record of academic achievement combined with personal characteristics of motivation, dedication, curiosity, creativity, and compassion that drive them to excel in their endeavors and lead with integrity. 

If you’re ready to become a Mercer student, apply today to the program of your choice:

– Contact: Christopher Briggs, Senior Assistant Director of Admissions and International

   Recruitment, 478.301.2653,

– Contact: Cem Turan, International Admissions Counselor, 678-547-6157,

– Graduate admissions are processed by each individual program

English Language Proficiency

Students who meet all admissions requirements except English language proficiency may gain admission to their degree program at Mercer with successful completion of the ELI program.

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